Our Team

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Mike Teng

Mike was the Director of Technology at Rocketship Education.  While there, he combined his love for innovation with his passion for improving education.  He led their blended learning and tech systems during a time that saw the network grow from just 2 schools in San Jose to 11 schools across 3 states.

In his free time, Mike plays ice hockey (poorly), walks his dog Scout, and listens to 30+ podcasts at 1.8x speed.  Also, he was once mistaken for Geoffrey Canada. 


Oz Feng

Osbert Feng has over a decade of experience in software development in a variety of roles, platforms and languages, ranging from C++/Python at FactSet and Hun Research, Ruby/PostgreSQL/JS at Identified, and Clojure as an independent developer. 

Osbert enjoys spending time with family, friends, playing various games, and running his own home server(s) even though Google, AWS, and modern email spam concerns have made the practice obsolete and in some cases prone to email delivery failure, which he occasionally refers to as his favorite feature.

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Asha Visweswaran

Asha was previously a Senior Manager at Deloitte.  While there, she led globally based teams in solving complex technical and strategic problems for Fortune 50 companies.

Asha's mood has been known to closely align with the success of Bay Area sports teams (sigh, Cal included).  She also loves food, traveling, and traveling to eat good food.