We are reimagining the way substitute teaching works!  

Substitute teaching is hard enough, the process to become a sub should not be difficult. However, the reality is that becoming a sub is time consuming and very costly. This is where Swing Education comes in to play. We have made becoming a sub seamless and fast so you can start teaching in a week!


teach when you want

Set your own schedule. Nobody gets to tell you when to come in!


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Know exactly how much you will make prior to signing up for assignments. 

access to more schools

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We have partnered with over 100+ schools and you have access to all of them!

zero costs

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We take care of overhead costs, so you can focus on teaching. If you don't have a permit, we even cover the costs and help you through the entire process.

we invest in you


We know subbing can be an isolating experience and we are here to help. We provide resources, feedback to schools and help create a strong sub community.

seamless experience

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Our innovative platform makes it easy for you to sign-up for as many assignments as you would want to in just seconds. 

How it works




Join Swing Education



Log-in to our platform and sign-up for text notifications



Accept assignments and start teaching


See what our subs have to say:

“Swing Education served as the stepping stone to get me to where I have always wanted to go in my professional career.” - Victoria L.
“At Swing, the team focuses on making their subs happy and getting them to the place they want to be.”
- Alana L.

   Are you ready to become a SwingSub?