Summer 2022 Jobs for Substitute Teachers

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Summer is here, and there are more ways than ever substitute teachers can earn money over the summer. We asked Swing Subs what their favorite summer jobs were and here’s what they said. Plus, we’ll share ideas for professional development and play.

Earn More

As a teacher, you’ve got in-demand skills, which means you have plenty of options to take on new roles and make some cash this summer. Here’s a short list of teacher favorites to get you started.

  • EdTech software reviewer:  Veracity hires teachers to review educational software on behalf of their school clients, so schools can feel confident that the software they’re purchasing has been vetted by experienced teachers. Apply here to become a Veracity Guardian.
  • Virtual personal assistant:  Teachers are some of the most organized folks out there, which makes them ideal personal assistants. Check out this beginners guide and learn how you can be a virtual personal assistant right from your own home.
  • Online language teacher:  Check out VIP Kid to teach English online, or Tutoroo to teach languages other than English.
  • Sell your teaching resources online:  Teachers Pay Teachers is a marketplace where educators can buy and sell classroom resources.
  • Sell your other stuff online:  Got gently used stuff that no longer brings you joy? In this beginner’s guide to selling online, you’ll learn how, where and what you can sell for a profit.
  • Tutoring, proofreader and more:  Find more job ideas in this comprehensive list of the best summer jobs for substitutes.

Learn More

If you’re a life long learner, summer is a good time to pick up new skills or brush up on the latest teaching techniques. We’ve updated our recommendations with new, free learning opportunities.

  • The Swing Speaker Series: Learn Classroom Management, SEL basics and more from veteran educators in this 5-part video series.
  • SEL courses galore: Create a free account and dig into free online classes on integrating SEL, diversity and inclusion, critical thinking and other key skills into your teaching.
  • Teacher Tuesdays with National University and Verve EDU: Tune in to hear discussions on perennial topics like behavior issues and inspiring students to achieve. If you can’t make the live sessions, free recordings are available. Get the schedule

Have Some Fun

No matter what your summer plans are, we hope you take some time for yourself. In these guides written by and for teachers, you’ll hear about teachers’ favorite ways to relax and take care of themselves.

  • 13 Ways to Relax is a summer checklist for teachers by teachers. Find humor and practical advice with suggestions like “read a grown-up book.”
  • 4 ideas for teacher self-care is another guide written by an educator. In this article, the writer explores why it’s so hard for teachers to take care of themselves and offers a pathway to getting started.
  • Free admission to museums and more. In this teacher discounts guide from We Are Teachers, learn which museums and cultural institutions offer free admission for teachers. You can also find more opportunities by searching the web using “free admission for teachers.”

Get Your Teaching Permit

The State of California is waiving teacher permits through June 30, 2022.  California Swing Subs can earn up to 20% more and get access to more teaching requests by getting their permits through Swing’s application process. Learn more.

Become a Swing Sub

Sub on your schedule, with the freedom to pick and choose the schools, grade levels and days you teach. No pressure to take the assignments you don’t want, plus Swing offers the best perks and rewards of any substitute teaching agency.

Swing Education school partners are located in California, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Illinois and Washington, D.C.  Apply here and check out our school partner maps here.  If you know someone who is already teaching with Swing, ask them to pass you their referral code and you’ll each receive a $100 referral bonus after you teach your first day. Watch how Swing’s referral program works.

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