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Teaching runs in Haley Brucato’s family. So does Swing Education.

Haley was raised by educators — her mother and grandmother are teachers. Couple that with her own positive experiences as a student, and it’s only natural that Haley decided to pursue a career in education.

“I don’t know if teaching is in our blood or I’ve just grown up around it,” Haley says. “It’s always been on the forefront for me.”

Swing Education is also a big part of the Brucato family. Haley’s grandmother, Joyce, has been a substitute teacher with Swing for the last two years, and Haley has been subbing with Swing since 2017.

As a Swing substitute teacher, Haley has made a difference for thousands of students across dozens of schools in the San Francisco Bay Area over the years.

An Early Impression

Family ties have played a big part in Haley’s journey to education, but her grade school teachers made a lasting impression as well.

“I’ve had great teachers that I still remember today that have impacted me,” Haley says. “In elementary school, I still remember my second- and third-grade teacher, Ms. DiLoreto. “She was just wonderful — she was like a second mom to me.”

Haley started working in education when she was a freshman in college. In the years since, she’s done tutoring and nannying, and she’s been a teacher’s aide, an educational therapist, an ABA therapist, and, most recently, a substitute teacher.

Getting Started With Swing

Haley worked for San Francisco Unified School District as an educational therapist for foster youth before starting with Swing. She was looking for something more flexible, and Swing fit the bill.

“Swing Education allows me to work for many districts all over the Bay Area on one platform instead of having to separately apply to each individual district,” Haley says. “So that’s great. Plus, the ease of getting a text and being able to accept a request like that — you can’t beat that system. It’s definitely better than the old-fashioned phone call at 6 in the morning.”

Another big positive was how Swing helped Haley get her substitute teacher permit, which has expanded her access to teaching opportunities. Swing reimbursed her expenses and offered guidance throughout the permitting process.

“It opens up a lot more job opportunities because there are so many districts you can work with, but I also enjoy the diversity of having something new each day and  avoiding repetitiveness,” Haley says. “Meeting new students, teachers, and school leaders makes it exciting and keeps me on my toes. I go to work every day and it’s always different, so I enjoy that.”

Brucato also relishes making a difference in her students’ lives — just like Ms. DiLoreto did for her in elementary school all those years ago.

“I gained a rapport with one of the Rocketship Si Se Puede (in San Jose, CA),” Haley says. “I’ve found it really neat — all the students know me, and I’m requested there all the time. I have a great relationship with all the school leaders there that’s been really beneficial. It means a lot when the kids come up and say hi. I’ve found that to be gratifying.”

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2 Comments on “Swing Sub Stories: Meet Haley Brucato”

  1. Hello,
    This is Ana Schultz and I’d like to know if, once approved by Swing Education, it is possible to work for only one district or necessarily one has to be sent to different school districts everyday.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ana. At Swing, you get to choose all your assignments. You can work at as many or as few schools as you like.

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