Swing Education’s Approach to Finding and Retaining High-Quality Subs

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When Swing began, we had a laser focus: using technology to help schools find high-quality substitute teachers to fill teacher vacancies. And since then, our mission has not changed. However, the world around us has. The national substitute teacher shortage that existed before COVID-19 has only grown more profound necessitating even deeper recruitment and retention efforts. 

At Swing, we’re excited to answer the call to get more qualified substitute teachers into the classroom. In fact, we’ve been able to onboard more than 10,000 college-educated, enthusiastic teachers across seven different regions. 

Below, we’re excited to share our secrets for finding and retaining a pool of effective educators. 

Prefer to have us recruit and manage your sub pool? We’d be excited to tell you more about partnering with Swing Education. 

A Digital-First Approach to Recruitment

Over the years, we’ve found that a digital-first approach to sub recruitment is the most effective strategy.

Like most other job seekers, substitute teachers are primarily looking for roles online. So, that’s exactly where they’ll be introduced to Swing. Our team of full-time recruiters uses a plethora of tools to ensure candidates are introduced to Swing across multiple digital platforms. 

Utilizing Online Job Boards

Our efforts begin with online job boards. Last year alone, 58% of people reported using online job sites to find roles. And, for individuals looking for substitute teaching roles on online job sites, Swing is there. Currently, our team has posts on more than a dozen different job sites to find substitute teachers wherever they may be looking. 

Our approach to posting on job boards goes beyond breadth, we’ve also attracted top candidates based on our unique value to job seekers: one application that gives them access to multiple districts – a premise previously unheard of for most substitute teachers. 

Leveraging Social Media

Apart from posts on online job boards, our team is also utilizing social media to find qualified, interested candidates. We get it – the idea of finding your next job on social media may seem novel to some. But, the trend has grown exponentially in recent years. Glassdoor’s latest survey found that 65% of respondents would be open to finding their next role through social media. 

We’re capitalizing on the number of job seekers looking for their next role on social media by making it easy for them to find and apply to be a part of our sub-pool. 

Turning Colleges and Universities into Recruitment Partners

While a digital-first strategy is of paramount importance, we also recognize that there are other ways to fill teacher vacancies. 

Our partnerships with Colleges and Universities have proven to be an effective method of getting future teachers into classrooms now. 

The premise is simple: post-graduate students are looking for real-world classroom experiences. Schools, like yours, desperately need trained teachers to keep students engaged and learning. At Swing, we’re able to do the work to get those students into classrooms quickly. 

Quality Referrals

So far, we’ve worked with thousands of great substitute teachers. And often, they know other great substitute teachers. 

At Swing, our substitute teachers can earn a referral bonus by recommending Swing to their friends and colleagues. 

Speedy Recruitment without Compromising Quality

The whole Swing team recognizes the importance of addressing the substitute teacher shortage. And, we know we have to do it quickly. Every day that a teacher vacancy goes unfilled results in real learning loss for students.

Despite our mandate to find teachers quickly, we’re unwilling to compromise on quality. Every Swing sub has at least a Bachelor’s degree and 38% hold a postgraduate degree. Similarly, every one of our subs is background checked and beholden to a strict code of conduct. Our standards are incredibly high because we know how important the role of a substitute teacher truly is. 

Ready to learn more about how to access Swing’s qualified pool of substitute teachers? Schedule a meeting.

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